Quantum Healing

What is Quantum Healing?


Quantum Healing is an advanced psychic healing modality that works with reading and repairing the lightbody through transmission of high frequency light codes and rays. The lightbody is an energetic field that surrounds our physical body, and holds all of the soul’s traumas, timelines, blueprints, mission codes, psychic gifts, and programming. By tapping into the lightbody, we are able to reveal and repair any cracks, leakages or blocks that may have been caused by past traumas or programming, reveal and remove implants and entity attachments, as well as activate and resurface gifts, blueprints and codes.

What to Expect


A quantum healing session is a completely intuitively guided session, where the healing and messages that your soul needs in that moment are brought forth by connection to Source and the Guides and Guardians. The scope of what may come up in a session varies from person to person, depending on where you are in your personal healing and spiritual journey. Generally speaking, I will feel through your physical and lightbody, finding points of tension and energetic blockages. I run light codes to clear these blockages, which may bring up traumas from this lifetime, past timelines, psychic implants or fences, messages from your Guides, spiritual gifts and activations, Soul blueprints and missions, etc. It is a process of Soul Remembrance and Retrieval and Lightbody Repair, building your spiritual and energetic immunity. 

Sessions are done online via video call, and last approximately 60-75 mins. You do not need to do anything other than be present and be open to receive.

It’s important to know that as we run these high frequency light codes through your energy body, there is more often than not a purging of lower energies that will need to take place. This can happen in session and/or within the days following. This is not for the faint at heart. When we clear these energies out, we are able to permanently heal traumas and remove harmful programming, but a huge part of that includes the work and integration that happens after and in between sessions. I strongly encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you’re going through an energetic purge, being present as you observe any thought and emotional patterns, and allowing them to move through you and release. 

I am honored to be a part of your path.