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 I work to awaken your abundant internal lifeforce and wisdom, empowering your inner healer through the high vibrational medicines of light, breath and sound.

About me

Nomad / Dreamer / Artist / Musician / Creator / Healer


As it goes, my path as a healer began with my own healing journey.

It has taken a lot of personal work and willingness to go deep into my wounds, pain and traumas. But in this passage through the dark, I began to know my soul so deeply where my intuitive abilities naturally developed and this established a stronger connection with the divine.

It is through our shadows that we find our light and you may only know it as bright as the depth of darkness you are willing to see. 

To me, a true healer is nothing but a conduit – a channel –  for pure source energy to flow through. I genuinely believe that we are each our own best healers, and my goal is to empower you and activate that power within you. 

Sacred Breathwork

Human beings have been using the breath as a therapeutic practice to connect with the divine for eons. I teach and facilitate the Sacred Breath Method, which aims to empower you to be your own healer through the beautiful medicine of breath, sound, and ceremony. 

In a session, an intentional and sacred healing container will be created, allowing for a safe space to express, release and heal. The breath guides us to the core of our being, acting as a bridge between our physical bodies and our Higher Selves. Once we are able to tap into this infinite pool of wisdom, we are directed towards where we need to heal.

As a true somatic experience, the entire range of emotions and physical sensations may be felt from deep sadness, anger, fear, bliss, to ecstatic joy; tingling, pain, numbness, heaviness to the sensation of floating. There is no judgement – All are welcome here. This is a rare opportunity for true freeform expression and catharsis, where many other group classes and modalities encourage us to be quiet and synchronized (yoga, qigong, meditation, etc). It is here, where we are able to feel and express what we have been holding back is when we are able to truly heal and move forward.

Sound Healing

Like the breath, sound acts as a bridge between the physical spirit. It is pure vibration, that is able to affect our frequency on a cellular level. Through channeling celestial and crystalline high-frequencies with my voice and instruments, I help raise the vibration of the container and those in it. 

Lower vibrations in the body are brought back in harmony and raised to match the high crystalline frequency. This can bring feelings of calm, peace, harmony, connection, and clarity. On the converse, it may also bring those lower vibrations for you to face head on, resulting in a feeling of catharsis or release – crying, full-body tingling, intense emotions, etc. In any case, I create an intentional and high-vibrational container to allow for a safe space for healing to occur.

My primary instruments are Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Tongue Drum, Chimes, Ukulele and my Voice.

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healings is an advanced psychic healing modality that works with readings and repairing the lightbody through transmission of high frequency light codes and rays. The lightbody is an energetic field surrounding our physical bodies, that holds all of the soul’s traumas, timelines, blueprints, mission codes, psychic gifts, and programming. By tapping into the lightbody, we are able to reveal and repair any cracks, leakages or blocks that may have been caused by past traumas or programming, reveal and remove implants and entity attachments, as well as activate and resurface gifts, blueprints and codes.


Juliana created a safe and sacred space for us all, from the alter we gathered around, to the cleansing of palo santo at the beginning of the session to the music that was played and even the songs she sang while playing the ukulele. 

she clearly guided us and what felt like a journey to the places of ourselves that were meant to be met.

This was my first breath worth session and I felt completely safe and honoured the whole time with Juliana’s guidance.

It’s brought a sense clarity and a huge relief in an area of my life that needed attention.

I’m so grateful and honoured to be apart of her breath work session, I honestly keep telling people about the magic that took place during that experience.

Nothing but gratitude and love!

- Menah, Australia

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