The spiritual and “new age” community are filled with different methods and remedies to help us “heal”.

When first entering into this world, it can feel like we’re a kid at a candy store – a little bit of breathwork, a little bit of ayahuasca, hypnotherapy, sound healing, reiki, tarot readings, astrology, akashic records, timeline work, activations, past-life regressions, the list goes on…

We are presented with so many different options for healing, which can create a sense of overwhelm and feeling that there is an unlimited amount of healing for us to do. This is amplified in spiritual communities / hubs (i.e. Tulum, Bali, etc, which can feel like there is a race or a rush to heal.

The irony is that true, deep healing happens when our body is in a relaxed, receptive state.

There needs to be a sense of safety in the body in order for deep-rooted emotions, energies and traumas to come to the surface to be released.

Rushing around from one healing modality to the next often does not create this feeling of safety in the body, nor does it give us enough time to integrate and embody our healing.

We don’t need to look or search for things within us to heal (i.e. “Next I’m going to tackle my mother/father wound”). This energy of forcing, or trying to control our healing path does not leave space for the innate, organic intelligence of Spirit and God to work through us.

Life always presents us with the next step on our healing journey – we do not need to seek it.

We don’t need to try to heal, we just need to have a committed, open and loving awareness to see and acknowledge everything that arises within us.

By simply being present with life and all that arises within, we get to flow with the organic intelligence of creation and align ourselves with God’s divine timing.