WTF is Brand Embodiment?!

Brand Embodiment is when your true essence can be energetically felt through everything you do and create.

Someone who has mastered this will effortlessly attract and create trust with their soul-aligned clients (in a natural, non-icky way).

In other words, they become magnetic ✨

In my world of conscious branding, this is the absolute core of not only your brand’s material “success”, but more importantly of your personal fulfillment and joy as an entrepreneur.

To embody your brand is to embody your highest potential and timeline.

Bridging the gap between your highest vision and your current reality requires that you are able to somatically process and transform any dissonance between these two timelines within your body.

It’s very common to move into a state of contraction shortly after receiving a vision or glimpse of your highest potential. This is because expansion may feel unsafe to the nervous system, causing somatic patterns of contraction to run within the body.

In order to transform these patterns of contraction we must somatically feel and process the dissonance between our highest vision and where we currently are.

This dissonance may include our protective patterns that are trying to keep us safe within what feels comfortable in the nervous system.

The key to reaching our highest vision and potential lies within gently embracing and bringing compassion to the dissonance – to the parts of ourselves that feel unsafe being seen, receiving and/or giving more, standing strong in our authentic essence.

If we can simultaneously self-soothe, regulate and resource our nervous system, while holding the higher vision of our true potential and highest timeline, this is where true magic and transformation can occur.

Being able to embody your authentic essence and highest potential is the foundation of your brand. It is what allows us to show up in true excitement and confidence in our work and gifts.

And in order to anchor that frequency in, we must work from the inside out – alchemizing, transforming and healing the parts of ourselves that are blocking us from our authenticity and expansion in an attempt to keep us safe.

I call this process Brand Embodiment.

When you have mastered true authentic brand embodiment you effortlessly attract and create trust with your soul-aligned clients… Just simply by being you!

This is such a relief because it means we can take off the masks and shields, and instead allow our true essence to shine through.

Here is my 3 step process to help you master brand embodiment:


Become so crystal clear on what your true essence feels like.

You must be able to viscerally feel your essence in every cell of your being so that it becomes to North Star that informs and aligns everything you do and create.


Be present with anything and everything that arises that pulls you away from your essence.

Inevitably resistance will arise in the body after experiencing how expansive our true essence feels. This is because we usually have many patterns and programs that tell us it is not safe to express and embody who we authentically are. This is a process to be treated with a lot of care, patience and compassion.



Practice feeling into the expansion that occurs in your body as you feel your essence permeating your cells. Hold that feeling for as long as it’s comfortable. When discomfort arises, be present with yourself and self-sooth to let your body know that it’s safe.

I’ve created a video where I walk you through this process in more depth: 

watch video

Over time, a few things will happen…

  • Your nervous system will become more regulated and it will feel safer to be your authentic self (because so many of us have been conditioned that it’s not)
  • You will shed so many layers of who you are NOT, creating space for more of who you ARE

Remember to have lots of patience with yourself in this process. In order to truly embody our next level of expansion, we must also create safety in the contraction and resistance.

Having a trusted (trauma-informed) guide can help immensely if you don’t yet feel you have the tools to guide yourself. And even when we do have the tools, I personally find that I am able to go much deeper with the right guide and space-holder walking me through the process.

If you are desiring deeper support to help you embody your most expansive self, I invite you to check out my offerings or contact me to see how I can best support you.

How can I best support you?

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