About me

My path as a healer began with my own healing journey.


In 2012 my father passed away and my heart shattered. But like many, I was not able to face this pain head on, and went into a deep suppression and denial. I did not allow myself to fully grieve. 

After many years, my heart began to harden. I was not able to connect with feelings of gratitude, love and joy. I just felt numb. This is when my true healing journey and return to self began.

Motivated by my desire to FEEL something and connect with my heart, I began seeking different coaches, counsellors, and retreats that would bring me back home to myself.

With the help of a few amazing guides, plant medicines, and a DEEP commitment to my inner work and healing, I was able to break through and reconnect with my light and awaken my true potential and mission on this earth. 

This has not been a fast or easy process. It has taken a lot of personal work and willingness to go deep into my wounds, pain and traumas. But in this passage through the dark, I began to know my soul so deeply where my intuitive abilities naturally developed and this established a stronger connection with the divine.

It is through our shadows that we find our light and you may only know it as bright as the depth of darkness you are willing to see. 

It has been such a humbling journey of deep trust and surrender to Spirit, and it fills my heart with so much joy to be able to now help facilitate and guide others through their own journeys.

It’s important to know that nobody has the power to “heal you”. To me, a true healer is nothing but a conduit – a channel –  for pure source energy to flow through. I genuinely believe that we are each our own best healers, and my goal is to empower you and activate that power within you. 

TRUST your inner guidance. If you are feeling called to do this work, and feel in alignment with me as your guide, I am honored to be of service. Please feel free to connect with me to see if it would be a good match.

“I was blessed to be able to have Juliana lead me through two Sacred Breath sessions. I immediately felt comfortable with Juliana’s presence. She was soft spoken, warm and open. She explained the breath technique and went over some things to be aware of during the session. Her music selection was perfect and had a slow build up and then release. I felt completely comfortable opening up and exposing my deepest self as I knew I was in safe and capable hands. I would recommend doing a session with Juliana and look forward to the next time that I get to spend time with her.

– Michelle, USA

“The breathwork session that Juliana shared with me was like some meditations I had done before but deeper in almost every way. Her caring explanation before beginning and openness to questions made it easy to settle into and just be myself. The music and sounds were powerful, especially the song that she sang herself. It also helped set the tempo of my breathing and brought me in and out of different sensations and visions. It opened my mind a little to the possibilities of mediation and how we experience our emotions, and for that I am grateful!”

– Nico, Canada