At the core of authenticity is the innate understanding that we are at our greatest potential when we are embodying our unique God-given blueprints.

We all have unique blueprints that cannot be replicated.

These blueprints carry specific codes that can only be unlocked through our own integration of our lived experiences and lessons.

This is the process of EMBODIMENT.

When we are embodying our unique blueprints, we become a transmitter of the living codes within us – our unique medicine that we were intelligently designed to birth into the world.

To be inauthentic, is to deny our true potential, gifts and missions here on Earth.

We can only unlock these organic God-given gifts when we are willing to release all control and egoic desires, and shed all masks and facades – allowing ourselves to be witness in our vulnerability – in our wholeness and purity.

It is also important to mention here that there is a glamour / false-light facade around “finding your gifts”, and being in your “greatest potential”. This is another ego trap that loops us into trying to control our path, rather than surrendering and being in humble service to God and the greatest good.

To be authentic is to surrender all desires and expectations of what our path looks like, and to commit to being fully present and honest with ourselves and everything that arises within.

This process is one that will lead us to embodiment, and thus authenticity and the organic unfolding of our true gifts and medicine to share.