Sometimes being our authentic selves can be very confronting for others, and may be met with resistance…

This is especially true if you‘re someone who has previously been operating on conditioning to minimize yourself and stay small/unseen

Sometimes being our authentic selves can be very confronting for others, and may be met with resistance.

When you begin to break out of the mold of how others have perceived you to be, you can potentially be breaking up systems that have been keeping others around you comfortable.

Friends, family, or peers may have been benefiting from you being a certain way (quiet, complacent, people-pleasing, without boundaries, etc), and thus when you change you are disturbing the ecosystem of your relationship. Depending on their consciousness and self-awareness, this could be met with hostility, rejection, anger, projections, and other unconscious attempts to put you back in the place that benefits them, their comfort, and perceived safety. Others’ hostile reactions to our true, authentic expression may trigger us back into old patterns in order to feel safe and avoid rejection. This is usually the same protection mechanism developed in childhood that was keeping us small to begin with. This is where we get to shine compassionate awareness on the part of ourselves that is scared of being rejected and trying to keep us safe. We now get to be the loving parent to this part and let it know that it is safe to authentically express, regardless of how others are reacting. We also get to compassionately release all judgements and projections from others, knowing that they also come from a wounded place of wanting to be safe and loved. ✨ It is safe to be you, authentically and exactly as you are. ✨ It is safe to express, authentically and as God wants to express through you. ✨ It is safe to be different, even if it triggers others.