a 10-week transformational
energetic branding journey

Calling all Soulpreneurs, Conscious Creators and Heart-Led Leaders

who feel the call to usher in the new-paradigm of business.

The first thing people notice about you and your work is your branding, right?

Let’s make sure it’s not just gorgeous but also a direct mirror of your soul-frequency and unique energetic gifts. Because let’s be honest, in new era business we know frequency comes first and 3D is always catching up!

Juliana Celeste

The traditional world of marketing and branding teaches us that:

  • We need to “fake it until we make it”
  • It is often plagued with fear-tactics, manipulation and scarcity.
  • As a result we are left with a sea of inauthenticity, copycat design and template-based businesses, even within the spiritual community (I know you’ve seen it too!).

There’s something sad, echoey and hollow about the mainstream approach that I personally feel called to heal with my energetic branding which stems not from copycat templates but from the unique core frequency of each person instead.

In these uncertain times, it’s become more evident than ever that if a New Earth is to be birthed, we need to lead with integrity and authentic joy in everything that we do – including (and especially) our marketing and the face we share with the world.

What’s the cure?

The translation of your highest frequency and most hidden gifts into the ultimate practical branding package, all you require to launch with joy, ease, and confidence

Get ready to understand your true potential and watch it get translated into a business brand with more magic than you dreamed possible.

forest bath

What’s included in Branding Magic?

 You embark on a 10 week 1:1 journey with me. We will dive deep into your soul essence, dissolve any blocks to your authentic embodiment, and then co-create a visual brand that reflects your most hidden gifts and highest expression. Get ready to reveal your full magic to the world!

What surprises most of my clients is how much sweeping away of other people’s voices and inner doubt we do before any design work begins. The shift is a complete 180.

My combination of energy work and design expertise is what makes branding magic a transformational, total-energy makeover experience for your business and your life!

You’ll walk away astounded by the beauty of your logo, colors, fonts, and  in love with the way they make you feel.

By the end of our journey together, all self-doubt will be replaced by sheer excitement to shine your light with more confidence than you dreamed possible.

What you receive:

Logo + submarksvalue $1000

Brand Font + Color Packagevalue $1000

Branded Graphicsvalue $500

4 x Canva Templatesvalue $800

IG Grid Layout – value $200

Custom Lightroom Presetvalue $350

Brand Guidelines Booklet – value $450

Implementation Guide – value $300

6 x 1:1 Coaching Calls – value $3000

1 x Feedback Session – value $500

2 x Implementation Support Calls – value $1000

Access to weekly office hours (email and voice note support)value $1500

Total value: $10,600

Your package cost:


*Payment plans available

My Past clients include:

One of my gifts is the ability to see someone’s soul essence and highest life potential then serve as a bridge to walk them through the shadows of the in-between, and emerging into seeing themselves with that same wonder and accuracy too.

The part you didn’t see coming…

Bridging the gap between your highest vision and your current reality requires that you are able to somatically process and transform any dissonance between these two timelines within your body. Somatic just means in your physical body, and let me tell you, this isn’t a process you’re meant to traverse alone.

I believe, one key to reaching our highest vision and life potential lies within gently embracing and bringing compassion to the dissonance – to the parts of ourselves that feel unsafe being seen. 

Believe it or not, somatic healing is a foundational piece in the branding work I do with clients. It seemingly has nothing to do with branding, yet from my perspective it has everything to do with branding.

Being able to embody your authentic essence and highest potential is the foundation of your brand. It is what allows us to show up in true excitement and confidence in our work and gifts.

And in order to anchor that frequency into your present, we must work from the inside out – alchemizing, transforming and healing the parts of ourselves that are blocking us from our authenticity and expansion in an attempt to keep us safe. Only then, when all the parts are whole and ready to come along for the adventure, do we embark on the glorious translation of your essence into a visual brand.

If you’re feeling curious to chat with me about your personal brand and dreams for where you’d like to go hit the button below!

I am pretty blown away by the space that you hold.

I don’t really have many words because I feel like it was just so powerful and I’m still integrating.

It’s really just giving me more hope to continue and also, access to excitement, which I didn’t really have until our calls.”


Feminine Restoration Mystic & Mentor, USA

“I felt completely safe and honoured the whole time with Juliana’s guidance. It’s brought a sense of clarity and a huge relief in an area of my life that needed attention. I honestly keep telling people about the magic that took place during the experience.”


Sound & Energy Healing Facilitator,

Is this for me?

I specialize in developing energetic branding magic for women and men:

✺ Soul-led entrepreneurs
✺ Coaches
✺ Oracles and psychic healers
✺ Embodiment mentors
✺ Writers and conscious authors
✺ Musicians and sound healers
✺ Astrologers and human design readers
✺ Health and wellness entrepreneurs

    I don’t work with clients who:

    Represent major corporations
    See the material world as primary
    Don’t believe in energetics and frequency
    Aren’t willing to take responsibility for their emotional wellbeing
    Are only interested in visuals and not the underlying work

      You will gain:

      New clarity on your unique soul gifts

      Confidence to talk about your offers and sell them effortlessly

      Everything you need to skyrocket your life and business upwards with grace and delight

      A gorgeous logo that feels like YOU

      A complete brand package including magical fonts, colors and graphics

      Custom Canva templates and photo filters so that you can easily maintain your brand moving forward

      Hello, I’m Juliana Celeste

      Oracle, Space holder, Designer, and Your Guide To Walking the Path of Conscious Brand Embodiment

      juliana celeste

      I don’t know about you, my love, but I believe everyone was born with a specific soul mission. My calling here on Earth at this time is to guide kindred souls home to a deep remembrance – A remembrance of who they’ve always been, a remembrance of what it feels like to wake up daily and express who they authentically are, and experience days overflowing with inspiration, prosperity, joy, service and purpose. 

      I’ve spent over 10 years in the corporate design world until, a much-needed break led me to deepen my spiritual practice and study the healing arts. I followed my intuition and ended up getting certified in Breathwork, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki and Trauma-informed Somatic Embodiment work. 

      Now, I am so excited to be uniquely poised to merge the two worlds of branding and personal energetics together into what I call Energetic Branding. Welcome to my new paradigm-way of marketing where your visual branding gets to be a unique expression of your True Soul’s Essence, embodiment and gifts.

      Working with Juliana really took me to new places within myself and my business! The clarity that is gained within the space that Juliana curates is sublime. I was feeling stuck before, and now I have momentum and new resources to help keep me moving forward in my soul business.


      Breathwork Facilitator & RN, USA

      My experience working with Juliana was incredible. I was able to tap into some deep layers of wounding that have been inhibiting me from moving forward in my business. She challenged me to push myself out of my comfort zone. I now feel brave enough to launch my business, while feeling more confident in myself and my soul’s mission. There aren’t words to express how truly grateful I am for all that you did for me Juliana!




      Juliana’s work is one of a kind. Her commitment, wisdom and integrity shine through every call. What you get here are not only the tools, but the confidence to create your business in true alignment with your vision, away from the distractions of how things ‘should’ be done. Juliana embodies this effortlessly, and is a natural, inspirational leader, offering soul-led entrepreneurs the bridge as we cross into a new paradigm. I am so glad I found her!


      Alchemist, UK

      Your new toolkit includes:

      Logo + submarks (so your logo looks great at any size and platform)

      Brand Font + Color Package

      Branded Graphics

      4 x Canva Templates

      IG Grid Layout

      Custom Lightroom Preset

      Brand Guidelines Booklet

      Implementation Guide

      6 x 1:1 Coaching Calls

      1 x Feedback Session 

      2 x Implementation Support Calls

      Access to weekly office hours (email and voice note support)

      TOTAL VALUE: $10,600 

      Your package cost:


      *Payment plans available


      Can I book a single 1:1 session with you?

      At this time, the only single 1:1 sessions are only available to existing/previous clients who have already completed a full container with me.

      I’ve done this intentionally because when we have more time to work together, we are able to go much deeper and create much more meaningful, impactful and lasting changes.

      Are there refunds?

      Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds offered. Please tune into your heart and use your intuition and discernment to feel if this container is in alignment for you.

      Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

      Payment plans are available upon request, and can be discussed on our discovery call.

      I don’t currently offer scholarships for Branding Magic, however in order to make this work more widely accessible partial scholarships are available for my Sanctuary Private Coaching Container. These scholarships are available for those whose income has been affected due to marginalization – priority given to POC. Please email me at briefly describing your situation for more info.