welcome to

The Sanctuary

Arrive and Be Seen,
Exactly as you Are.

The road has been long & treacherous,
And now it’s Time to Rest,
Let your guard down,
And Begin to Feel the
True Essence of your Soul.

Allow your Heart’s Voice to Speak Aloud,
Revealing your Deepest Dreams and Desires,
Speaking them into Existence.

A 3-6 Week Intentional Container

Where a Safe & Sacred Space is held for the
True Essence of your Soul to be Expressed

What is The Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a 3-6 week intentional and personalized container, where a safe and sacred space is held for the True Essence and desires of your Soul to be heard and expressed.

We will move through layers and densities that are clouding your vision of your highest potential and authentic expression.

We will play with an alchemical and personalized combination of the following modalities:

  • Quantum healing
  • Intuitive energy work
  • Somatic therapies
  • Embodiment practices
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Sound Healing 
  • Inner child alchemy

Topics we may explore together:

  • Soul Purpose & Alignment
  • Highly Sensitive & Intuitive Abilities
  • Authentic Expression
  • Voice Reclamation
  • Energetic Mastery & Sovereignty
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Emotional & Somatic Alchemy
  • Creative Play & Expression
  • Nervous System Repair & Recalibration
  • & More! This container is completely personalized to you and your journey!

Who is this for?

Anyone who feels the call may enter The Sanctuary, so long as you bring a willingness and desire to:

  • Accept radical responsibility for your life, sovereignty and energetic freedom
  • See all parts of self and sit with discomfort that arises
  • Deepen your level of self and energetic mastery
  • Deepen your relationship and intimacy with your Soul
  • Come into a more full expression and authentic expression of your True Essence

Choose your Adventure

Heather, Canada

“Juliana is an amazing facilitator & she has a beautiful way of involving you in the process of your own healing. She’s incredibly intuitive, she knew when to sit back & allow me to identify what I was experiencing within my inner world, as she directed me gently & purposefully.

She is so talented & I trusted her immediately, the first time I connected with her. She created a safe space in which I was able to be open up & show my vulnerability. During our session, I had a great release of stuck emotion, which gave me a huge sense of relief. I felt my more vulnerable parts, feel seen & validated in their pain.

With this work, you really have to trust the process. I really respect Juliana as a practitioner & I’m grateful for the work she is doing in this world. She is truly making a positive impact in the lives of others. She offered me an immense amount of hope & I look forward to my next session with her”

Rena, Canada

Juliana has such a high vibration and it takes quite a clear channel with high crystalline coding that is able to shift me as I work with a variety of energies. Not many people can do this for me. Juliana’s voice is of the angelic realm, transmuting darker energies swiftly and peacefully. Her sound healing shifted so many energies for me and I am very grateful to have her in my life. I am very sensitive to energies and very careful who I work with. I trust Juliana immensely with her calling and the work she is meant to do. Do yourself a favour and invest in Juliana’s work. You won’t be disappointed”

Sami J, USA

“So much came up in our session that was unexpected but connected very deeply with me. I gained clarity and received confirmation on a lot of things I had been seeking answers to. I felt like there was no judgement and that I could trust her even though I was just meeting her. I felt a strong resonance in my body after our session and even in my own voice, which amazed me because I noticed Juliana’s voice was very soothing and protective. Juliana has been very gracious in answering my questions during my process of integration. I appreciate her gentle kindness and the safe space she creates and am looking forward to working with her more!” 

About your Guide

My name is Juliana Celeste.

I am a quadruple Pisces with a Cancer moon and Aquarius Rising, 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator & INFJ. Basically I’m here to stir shit up, while being deeply compassionate and empathetic during the process!

I am a lover of the cosmic and mystical, and am also devoted to being deeply grounded in this crazy Human Experience we call life.

My favourite times are spent dancing barefoot in the forest or sharing a cacao and soul chat with a close friend.

My calling here on Earth at this time is to guide kindred souls back to a deep remembrance of who they’ve always been, awakening their authentic expression, inspiration, joy, passion and purpose.

My intention is to truly hold a safe and sacred space for the True essence of your soul to be expressed.

My background and training includes Breathwork, Sound Healing, Psychic Development, Quantum Healing, Graphic Design & Marketing.

I trust that if you’ve been led here and this page has your cells buzzing, then we are meant to work together.

And it would be an honour to be your guide!


Can I book a single 1:1 session with you?

At this time, the only single 1:1 sessions available to book are 2 hr Sacred Breathwork Journeys.

Otherwise, the minimum package would be 3 sessions. I’ve done this intentionally because when we have more time to work together, we are able to go much deeper and create much more meaningful, impactful and lasting changes.

Do the sessions expire?

Yes. In order to keep this container very intentional, the sessions must be used in the following time frame:

    • 3-session packages will expire in 4 weeks
    • 6-session packages will expire in 8 weeks

It is your divine responsibility to ensure that you book all of your sessions before they expire, which I highly recommend doing immediately upon purchasing them.

Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds offered. Please tune into your heart and use your intuition and discernment to feel if this container is in alignment for you.

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

Payment plans are available upon request. Please email me at info@julianaceleste.com with the package you would like to purchase for more info.

In order to make this work more widely accessible, partial scholarships are available for those whose income has been affected due to marginalization – priority given to POC. Please email me at info@julianaceleste.com briefly describing your situation for more info.

The Sanctuary

Slow down to speed up,
Quiet the voice of the mind,
And let the song of the soul sing