welcome to

The Sanctuary

My Private Coaching Container for Gentle Souls Who Yearn to Replace Blocked Expression with Their Powerful, Authentic Voice

Arrive and be seen, exactly as you are.

Blocked throat chakra from years of self-censorship.

Fear of speaking up, let alone sharing with the world.

Maybe you’re Highly Sensitive and empathetic to the point of paralysis.

I welcome all gentle souls who wonder if it needs to feel this tough out there, all the time.

I see you and understand you because for years, I was you

juliana celeste

My dad taught me to play guitar as a young girl, and I secretly dreamed of recording an album and playing stages but I didn’t even admit those desires to my best friend until I turned 30! Through most of my teens and early 20s I suffered from extreme throat blocks, and massively struggled to ever speak in groups, never mind jump on spontaneous live videos on Instagram. Today I not only sing at festivals and international gatherings but adore sharing work-in-progress songs and ideas on social media to share my journey openly with you.

Those who journey with me inside The Sanctuary discover how to dissolve the deepest wounds of self-abandonment and disbelief.

With the right mentor by your side, it’s more easeful than you think possible.

After you’ll feel the wonder of hearing your Own Heart’s Voice Speak Aloud.

Can you imagine how divine and nourishing it will feel to reveal your deepest dreams and desires, and then hear yourself speak them into existence?

Doing Instagram Lives will feel thrilling and enlivening, not something that makes you hide or freeze.

Singing for youtube videos can be fun!

Everything is possible once you trust the inner nudge of your soul and take the first step.

If you’re soul-level tired of living in the shadows of your own hesitation and self-doubt, then my Sanctuary Private Coaching is the transformational container for you!

What is The Sanctuary Private Coaching Container?

You choose between a 6 or 12 week intentional container

We create a safe & sacred space for the true essence of your soul to be expressed.

Through the power of conscious conversation and using my generous suite of healing tools and modalities, we’ll dissolve away fear of your own power once and for all

Our sessions will take place over Zoom, with an emphasis on making it feel like a ceremonial experience. Hello candles, tea and incense on the altar.

We will move through layers and densities that are clouding your vision of your highest potential and most authentic expression. 

Expect emphasis on your throat chakra, so it shifts from feeling like a tentative doorway into full blown temple and gateway to your personal purpose on the planet

The resonance of your actual voice will shift as you become fully unleashed and completely authentically you.

Get ready to play with an alchemical and personalized combination of the following modalities:

Quantum healing
Intuitive energy work
Somatic therapies
Embodiment practices
Transformational Breathwork
Sound Healing
Inner child alchemy

Choose your Sanctuary style:

Based on our initial conversation and my intuitive inner guidance, I customize each Sanctuary Coaching Container. No two journeys are ever the same- It’s completely personalized to meet you where you are and uplift you to your highest soul expression faster than you think possible!

Topics we may explore together:

Soul Purpose & Alignment
Highly Sensitive & Intuitive Abilities
Authentic Expression
Voice Reclamation
Energetic Mastery & Sovereignty
Inner Child Healing
Emotional & Somatic Alchemy
Creative Play & Expression
Nervous System Repair & Recalibration
& More! 

Who is this for?

Anyone who feels the call may enter The Sanctuary, so long as you bring a willingness and desire to:

Heighten your level of self attunement and energetic mastery

Deepen your relationship and intimacy with your Soul

Accept radical responsibility for your life, sovereignty and energetic freedom

See all parts of self and sit with any discomfort that arises (it will pass!)

Come into a fully blossomed Self expression and hear the authentic sound of your True Essence speaking out loud (at last!)

    “It was a magical experience and so much is moving now and it feels so good and I cannot thank you enough. This is clearly what you are supposed to do in your life, you have shamanic powers


    Yoga Instructor, The Netherlands

    “Juliana is an amazing facilitator & she has a beautiful way of involving you in the process of your own healing. She created a safe space in which I was able to open up & show my vulnerability. I’m grateful for the work she is doing in this world. She is truly making a positive impact in the lives of others and offered me an immense amount of hope.”



    I felt a strong resonance in my body and voice after our session, which amazed me because I noticed Juliana’s voice was very soothing and protective. So much came up in our session that was unexpected but connected very deeply with me. I gained clarity and received confirmation on a lot of things I had been seeking answers to.”


    Artist, USA

    The road has been long and treacherous for so many of us.
    And now it’s Time to feel safe,
    Let your guard down,
    And Begin to Believe there is a path
    That guides you home to the
    True Essence of your Soul
    And a full sense of expression
    Where fear is no longer at the table.

    Hello, I’m Juliana Celese

    Juliana Celeste

    I don’t know about you, my love, but I believe everyone was born with a specific soul mission.

    My calling here on Earth at this time is to guide kindred souls home to a deep remembrance – A remembrance of who they’ve always been, a remembrance of what it feels like to wake up daily and express who they authentically are, and experience days overflowing with inspiration, prosperity, joy, service and purpose. 

    I am a lover of the cosmic and mystical, and am also devoted to being deeply grounded in this crazy Human Experience we call life.

    My core values are:

    I help my clients get clear within their authentic frequency and essence, uncover and overcome blocks in their expression of their gifts, and embody their unique and most aligned way of showing up in their business and their lives.

    Choose your Sanctuary style:


    Can I book a single 1:1 session with you?

    At this time, the only single 1:1 sessions are only available to existing/previous clients who have already completed a full container with me.

    I’ve done this intentionally because when we have more time to work together, we are able to go much deeper and create much more meaningful, impactful and lasting changes.

    Do the sessions expire?

    Yes. In order to keep this container very intentional, the sessions must be used in the following time frame:

    • 3-session packages will expire in 6 weeks
    • 6-session packages will expire in 12 weeks

    It is your divine responsibility to ensure that you book all of your sessions before they expire, which I highly recommend doing immediately upon purchasing them.


    Are there refunds?

    Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds offered. Please tune into your heart and use your intuition and discernment to feel if this container is in alignment for you.

    Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

    Payment plans are available upon request. Please email me at info@julianaceleste.com with the package you would like to purchase for more info.

    In order to make this work more widely accessible, partial scholarships are available for those whose income has been affected due to marginalization – priority given to POC. Please email me at info@julianaceleste.com briefly describing your situation for more info.

    “I initially felt attracted to Juliana’s energy  and calmness. The way she held space during the sessions really allowed me to feel into things by myself, which was so powerful! I would recommend The Sanctuary to people who are on their healing journey and ready to tune into their body and be present with whatever comes up”


    Coach & Mentor, The Netherlands

    “I immediately felt comfortable with Juliana’s presence. She was soft spoken, warm and open. I felt completely comfortable opening up and exposing my deepest self as I knew I was in safe and capable hands.” 


    Photographer, USA

    “Working with Juliana was such a powerful experience.  Having not done something like this before, it was really important for me to feel safe and able to fully express myself.  Juliana created a beautiful, supportive environment and took me on such a memorable internal journey that’s really stuck with me.”


    Yoga & Reiki Facilitator, UK

    The Sanctuary

    Slow down to speed up,
    Quiet the voice of the mind,
    And let the song of the soul sing