Below is a list of the Podcasts I’ve been featured on to date: 

The New BOSS Podcast

The New BOSS (Beings Of Sacred Service) Podcast

Episode 1: Surviving your Saturn Return

In this week’s episode, Emily Bauman interviews Quantum Healer Juliana Celeste about the life-shattering impacts of Saturn Returns. Listen in to learn:

  • What is a Saturn Return and why does everyone experience it?
  • Juliana’s Saturn Return story: from hitting rock bottom partying in Budapest to discovering Ayahuasca in Mexico and reconnecting to soul alignment
  • Emily’s Saturn Return journey from soon-to-be-married government employee in Canada to a single painter and development worker in Haiti
  • Tips for gracefully integrating your own Saturn Return phase
  • The brain chemistry of breathwork
  • The power of chakra cleanse meditations
  • How to get in touch with your true essence
  • Juliana’s biggest lesson from her reawakening (at the end)
UNEDITED w/ Kelsey Lauren

UNEDITED with Kelsey Lauren

Episode 8: Authentic Expression, Embodiment & Presence

I’m joined by Juliana Celeste in this soulful conversation, as we explore the nuance of authenticity and the way we express the full spectrum of our human and spiritual experiences. Juliana and I share how we are currently working with authenticity and what our relationship with embodiment looks like.

We journey deliciously through our lived experiences leading ourselves through dark nights of the soul and how each initiation has been a divinely orchestrated invitation to know ourselves deeper and BE ourselves more fully. We speak to the power of presence and what gets to happen as a result of choosing to live in the now. We cast our vision towards what we see is possible for the world, and within the personal growth and spiritual communities, when each of us take radical responsibility for who we BE and what we embody.”


TRUE Life Podcast

New Age Spirituality, Highly Sensitive Persons, & Living in Service to God

Listen to my interview with True Bryant where we discuss:

  • Common pitfalls of New Age Spirituality
  • The dangers of Ayahuasca and other plant medicines
  • Manifestation and living in alignment with God
  • My experience as a HSP (Highly Sensitive person)