Juliana has such a high vibration and it takes quite a clear channel with high crystalline coding that is able to shift me as I work with a variety of energies. Not many people can do this for me. Juliana’s voice is of the angelic realm, transmuting darker energies swiftly and peacefully. Her sound healing shifted so many energies for me and I am very grateful to have her in my life. I am very sensitive to energies and very careful who I work with. I trust Juliana immensely with her calling and the work she is meant to do. Do yourself a favour and invest in Juliana’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

– Rena, Canada

“The breathwork session led by Juliana was such a powerful experience.  Having not done something like this before, it was really important for me to feel safe and able to fully express myself.  Juliana created a beautiful, supportive environment and took me on such a memorable internal journey that’s really stuck with me.  Thank you Juliana! Xx”

– Faye, England

I was so blessed to work with Juliana and I felt very safe with her. So much came up in our session that was unexpected but connected very deeply with me. I gained clarity and received confirmation on a lot of things I had been seeking answers to. I felt like there was no judgement and that I could trust her even though I was just meeting her. I felt a strong resonance in my body after our session and even in my own voice, which amazed me because I noticed Juliana’s voice was very soothing and protective. Juliana has been very gracious in answering my questions during my process of integration. I appreciate her gentle kindness and the safe space she creates and am looking forward to working with her more!” 

– Sami, USA

Juliana is an amazing facilitator & she has a beautiful way of involving you in the process of your own healing. She’s incredibly intuitive, she knew when to sit back & allow me to identify what I was experiencing within my inner world, as she directed me gently & purposefully.

She is so talented & I trusted her immediately, the first time I connected with her. She created a safe space in which I was able to be open up & show my vulnerability. During our session, I had a great release of stuck emotion, which gave me a huge sense of relief. I felt my more vulnerable parts, feel seen & validated in their pain. 

With this work, you really have to trust the process. I really respect Juliana as a practitioner & I’m grateful for the work she is doing in this world. She is truly making a positive impact in the lives of others. She offered me an immense amount of hope & I look forward to my next session with her

– Heather, Canada

“She clearly guided us and what felt like a journey to the places of ourselves that were meant to be met.”

sound healing crystal bowls

“I was blessed to be able to have Juliana lead me through two Sacred Breath sessions. I immediately felt comfortable with Juliana’s presence. She was soft spoken, warm and open. She explained the breath technique and went over some things to be aware of during the session. Her music selection was perfect and had a slow build up and then release. I felt completely comfortable opening up and exposing my deepest self as I knew I was in safe and capable hands. I would recommend doing a session with Juliana and look forward to the next time that I get to spend time with her.

– Michelle, USA

“Thank you so so much dear Juliana!! It was a magical experience and so much is moving now and it feels so good ❤ I am very grateful for being able to join this session and I cannot thank you enough. This is clearly what you are supposed to do in your life, you have shamanic powers”

– Janna, The Netherlands

“Juliana created a safe and sacred space for us all, from the altar we gathered around, to the cleansing of palo santo at the beginning of the session to the music that was played and even the songs she sang while playing the ukulele. 

She clearly guided us and what felt like a journey to the places of ourselves that were meant to be met.

This was my first breath worth session and I felt completely safe and honoured the whole time with Juliana’s guidance. It’s brought a sense of clarity and a huge relief in an area of my life that needed attention.

I’m so grateful and honoured to be apart of her breath work session, I honestly keep telling people about the magic that took place during that experience.

Nothing but gratitude and love!”

– Menah, Australia

“Juliana reminded me how powerful and healing breathwork is and I now practice on a regular basis again.”

“Juliana created a beautiful atmosphere for the session. Before we started she explained in detail what the breathwork is, how it works, what to expect. We all felt very safe and in good hands. When the actual session started Juliana helped us find the right breathing rhythm with drumming. The music she had picked was also very supportive of the process. I had done basic breathwork before but Juliana’s session was very professionally conducted and brought up emotions and insights I hadn’t been aware of. Juliana safely brought us back at the end of the session and we all felt comfortable sharing our experience with her. I am very glad I joined her session. Juliana reminded me how powerful and healing breathwork is and I now practice on a regular basis again.”

– Aline, Germany


“The breathwork was very powerful… You were an excellent guide and you made me feel very safe and I felt secure in tapping into the anger inside of me. Thank you so much for that.”

– Zabet, South Africa

“The breathwork session that Juliana shared with me was like some meditations I had done before but deeper in almost every way. Her caring explanation before beginning and openness to questions made it easy to settle into and just be myself. The music and sounds were powerful, especially the song that she sang herself. It also helped set the tempo of my breathing and brought me in and out of different sensations and visions. It opened my mind a little to the possibilities of mediation and how we experience our emotions, and for that I am grateful!

– Nico, Canada

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