self worth + self trust = authentic confidence

Confidence is a topic I’ve been journeying deeply with lately, especially as I’m being initiated into greater levels of visibility and impact in my business.

(and trust me, it’s not something that has always come naturally to me – cue memory of me in high school literally feeling incapable of raising my hand in class, going to a party, or speaking up in a group)

It is a PROCESS to overcome our fears and cultivate our confidence, and one well worth overcoming as a soulpreneur that desires to lead your business with your heart and essence.

What I’ve come to realize is that confidence in yourSelf and your work is an essential ingredient when building the foundation of your brand

This is because it is what allows you to continuously show up shining your light and sharing your gifts and medicine with the world (even when it looks like people don’t care, see you, or aren’t interested in what you’re offering).

Just like constructing a building, we want the foundation of our brand to be rooted and strong.

So when building confidence, it’s important that we are anchored into the deeper meaning, rather than the superficial layers that may easily distract us.


First of all, what is confidence, really?

Confidence is often thought of as the way that we project ourselves outwards, with a sense of certainty. 

As humans we are hardwired for connection and desire a sense of belonging with our peers and community. Therefore it’s not uncommon to seek external feedback as a source of building our confidence and self-worth.

True, authentic confidence does not come from any external source of validation.

It is not something that needs to be forcefully projected outward.

Instead, it is rooted deeply in:

Knowing your inherent worth and value, and

 Trusting yourself to always show up and be there for you

It is very common (especially for empaths and highly sensitive souls) to have developed survival strategies that cause us to self-abandon.

Think: people pleasing, fawning, lack of boundaries, being “nice” and “agreeable”, molding ourselves to “fit in”…

( As a soulpreneur these strategies and patterns will unconsciously show up in your business, unless you come into right-relationship with them.)

When we consistently self-abandon our authentic needs and desires, it erodes our self-trust, worth, and thus our overall confidence to show up and shine our light.

Therefore, a good first step to building your confidence is to focus on healing self abandonment. 

By repatterning in situations where you would previously collapse, lose your boundaries, and focus on other’s needs at the sacrifice of your own, you gradually begin to build a solid foundation of self-trust.

How to repattern self-abandonment

A simple practice of showing up for yourself daily can rewire your brain to teach you that you are worth showing up for, and you can trust yourself to do so.

This can look like committing to a 2 minute daily act of self-care (i.e. self massage, affirmations, meditation, breathwork).

The key isn’t how long the practice is (in fact I recommend keeping it very short), but that you show up consistently.

As you begin to rebuild trust with yourself, you will recognize your inherent self worth, and your confidence will naturally flourish.